Pat Cummins said Cheteswar Pujara was the big ticket window for him after Virat Kohli returned home after the first test | World No.1 bowler viewed Indian batsman as dangerous, targeted on Kohli’s return

New Delhi: In Test Cricket, world number one fast pitcher Pat Cummins praised Cheteshwar Pujara, called the Wall of India. Cummins said Pujara is a steadfast hitter and isn’t afraid of anyone while hitting. Recently, in the four-match test series against Australia, Pujara played a big role in helping India win.

Cummins greeted by Pujara

Pat Cummins praised Cheteshwar Pujara, saying Pujara is tough to play and stays in the crease. Cummins said: “ After the first two games I felt Pujara would try to change his style to put pressure on the bowlers, but he did something different. His idea was to stay in the fold, the races become themselves. He was determined to face the difficult fate. It is a difficult challenge for a bowler to play Pujara because he is not afraid of anyone.

After Virat left, Pujara was targeted

Pat Cummins said he targeted Pujara after Virat Kohli went on paternity leave. Cummins said, “I think Pujara is a brick wall. After Virat left, Pujara (Cheteswar Pujara) was a big window for me. He turned out to be the show’s decision maker two years ago. It is their wall in the middle order. I also played this series and I knew. He played a decisive role in the draw in Sydney and then in Gaba’s victory.

Pujara struck as a warrior

Cheteshwar Pujara (Cheteswar Pujara) struck like a warrior in a 2-1 series victory over Australia. In the last test match of the series, Pujara had 11 bullets to his body, but he still remained in the crease. Pujara had scored 271 points against Australia playing over 900 balls.