Michael Vaughan rages on England squad after embarrassing loss to India, says Indian squad will win 3-1

Chennai: In the second test match against India in Chennai, England suffered a landslide loss of 317 points. After this defeat, former England captain Michael Vaughan raged in the England cricket team. Michael Vaughan has raised questions about the selection of the England squad.

Michael Vaughan wrote on Twitter after England’s landslide defeat in the second test match: “ I felt that since 2019 the first choice of the England team is Test cricket and the England team with tremendous effort, the Ashes Trophy Test team is constantly changing every week, but the T20 team is playing at full speed. Moin will now return home after playing the first test match in 18 months.

I thought the cricket test was the main priority after 2019 to make sure England try to collect the ashes !!!!! Why then the test team is exchanged and changed every week but the T20 team is at full power !!!!! Moeen is no longer at home after 1 test in 18 months !!!

– Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) February 16, 2021

On Twitter, Michael Vaughan also said the Indian team is very good under the circumstances. If in two more test matches the ball will spin on day one, then the Indian team will win 3-1 in the series. The England team suffered their biggest racing defeat in Asia. At the same time, it is India’s biggest victory in terms of points against England.

India is way too good in these conditions … England would have come closer if they had won the draw but still lost against this highly qualified team in these conditions … if the next 2 tests run since the first ball, it will be 3- 1 in India … #INDvENG

– Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) February 16, 2021

England’s biggest defeat

Let us know that India (Team India) did a great job edging England by 317 points in the second test match played in Chennai. England will not long forget their crushing loss to Team India. In their 89-year testing history (1932-2021), this is the biggest victory against England in terms of Indian races.

The Indian team had previously beaten England by 279 points at Leeds under captain Kapil Dev in 1986, but now under captain Virat Kohli, the Indian team made history by scoring points over the British. In this case, Kohli broke Kapil Dev’s record.