India vs England Virat Kohli David Lloyd Nitin Menon ICC Chennai Test | IND vs ENG: Former England cricketer David Lloyd demands that Virat Kohli’s ‘actions’ be banned

New Delhi: India beat England by 317 points in the second test match played in Chennai. After winning this test match, India has now tied 1-1 in the 4-game series. But in this match, Indian team captain Virat Kohli argued with field referee Nitin Menon. Following the debate between Kohli and Menon, former England cricketer David Lloyd called for Kohli to be banned from a match and said red cards were being shown for such acts.

What was the problem?

In the second test match, Akshar Patel had a strong appeal against England captain Joe Root and referee Menon gave him a no-strike. After which Virat Kohli used the DRS. The ball looked out of the wicket, but thanks to the referees’ call, Root got a life. Kohli (Virat Kohli) got angry after seeing this and looked pretty angry. After the third referee’s decision, Virat reached the referee on the Menon field and a debate began between the two. Video of this incident quickly goes viral on social media.

“ Kohli off the field in the second game ”

Former England players constantly make different statements after Virat Kohli’s argument with the referee. Meanwhile, David Lloyd has said that if such an incident happened in another game, Kohli would have been sent off the pitch. Lloyd (David Lloyd) said red cards should be given against such activity and that there should be disciplinary action against Kohli.

Kohli can be banned for a match

Virat Kohli (Virat Kohli) may find it costly to get involved with the referee. Under Article 2.8 of the ICC Code of Conduct, a Level 1 or Level 2 charge can be made for expressing dissatisfaction or challenging an arbitrator’s decision. For this, one to four demerit points can be added to the player’s account. If four demerit points are added to a player’s account within 24 months, then he may face the ban of one test, two ODIs or two T20 internationals. Virat already has two demerit points in his account and if he gets two more demerit points for it, he may be suspended from a test match. If this happens, Virat Kohli may be out of the Day Night test in Ahmedabad. However, the ICC has yet to convict Virat Kohli for this.