India vs England Virat Kohli chennai test match loss kohli harbor office | Ind vs Eng: Virat Kohli’s fiery captain did not appear in Chennai, body language appeared weak after losing toss

The fierce captain of Virat Kohli was not seen in the first test match played against England in Chennai, which England took full advantage of and beat Team India by 227 points. As captain, Virat Kohli is a completely different person. Virat Kohli is known for his aggressive attitude. Whether at bat or captain, Virat Kohli maintains his attitude. He is aggressive and does not hide his feelings.

Aggression is Virat Kohli’s greatest weapon, because of which he creates fear in opposing teams. Captain Virat Kohli’s body language seemed weak when he lost the toss in the first test match against England in Chennai. After losing the draw, Team India did not show the courage to perform well in the match.

The loss in the draw to England was eclipsed by Team India. Winning the draw was very important for England in terms of the outcome of this game. The Chennai pitch was much better for batting in the first two days, which the English batsmen took advantage of and made a whopping 578 points ahead of India in the opening innings.

When the stick from India arrived on day three, the Chennai field started to break and the bowlers received a lot of help. England gave India 337 points in their opening innings to take a 241-point lead. England then set a goal of 420 points to win ahead of India at the end, in response to which Team India was shattered.

The effect of weak body language was also reflected in the Kohli harbor master’s office, due to which Team India had to deal with the loss in their own home. Where was the problem that India won’t leave England anywhere in this series, where England beat Team India. This defeat of Team India in the first game on their home turf is not acceptable to any Indian fan. It’s only fitting that India can win the series from here too, maybe she will win. But whether one will learn from one’s mistakes, that’s a big question.

Team India also needs to improve commissioning. It’s not just about performance, but also attitude. Virat Kohli now has to face defeat in four consecutive tests as captain, in such a situation he should forget the past and cheer up the team, the next test match will be played on the Chennai field from the February 13.