india vs england test series top 5 controversies chennai cricket test match | 5 big feuds between India and England when players clash on the pitch

New Delhi: The four-game high-level test series between India and England will start in Chennai from February 5. The first two test matches will be played at MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. Team India (India), after beating Australia 2-1 in their home series and beating them 2-1 in the Test series, are optimistic and ready to beat the British on home soil. Whenever teams from India and England go head to head on the cricket pitch, it’s not just about the ball and the bat. Disputes ranging from minor tu-tu-me-main to off-court often make the headlines. These disputes have only increased the thrill of competition between the two countries.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 disputes between India and England: –

Kohli was caught by Stokes

In 2016, Ben Stokes feuded with Indian team captain Virat Kohli while the India tour was very popular and these two players clashed on the middle ground. The case between Virat and Stokes is that of the 2016 Mohali Test match. In the Mohali Test, England won the draw and decided to beat first. England had lost 4 wickets for 87 races, but Johnny Bairstow and Ben Stokes were frozen in the fold. After a long time, Ravindra Jadeja surprised Ben Stokes at the hands of doorman Parthiv Patel. After Ben Stokes’ sacking, Team India and Virat Kohli celebrated. Ben Stokes didn’t like Kohli’s style. After being fired, Stokes turned around and said something that provoked Virat Kohli. Ben Stokes stayed on the pitch and continued to watch Virat Kohli. Virat said something to him after seeing Stokes’ attitude. The referees separated the two before the heat rises and falls on the pitch. After that, Kohli appeared to the refs complaining about Ben Stokes.

Anderson did a bad job with Jadeja and Dhoni

In 2014, when Team India toured England for a five-game test series, James Anderson met Ravindra Jadeja and Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the first test. Returning for lunch on the second day of the 2014 Nottingham Test, Anderson was entangled not only with Jadeja but also with Captain Dhoni (MS Dhoni). Under level three of the ICC Code of Conduct, Team India accused Anderson of misbehaving with Jadeja and pushing her. Thus, the England team also accused Jadeja of playing with sportsmanship. Match referee David Boon fined Jadeja 50% of her match fee below level 1. Because of this, captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni also became enraged. Team India decided to appeal against it.

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Surprisingly, despite installing CCTV in the stadium, the ECB did not have any footage of the incident when all the controversy arose. The Indian team alleged that Anderson (James Anderson) at Trentbridge started a dispute by going for lunch on the second day of the match and also pushed Ravindra Jadeja. The ICC has appointed Gordon Louis judicial commissioner. The Judicial Commissioner gave Anderson and Jadeja a clear note after the hearing and said Jadeja’s fees would not be deducted either. On this dispute, Dhoni said in the press conference that he was unaware of what the match referee fined Jadeja. We were right, Anderson had Laxman Rekha. If it’s a judge, then they need proof. I will not speak on this issue. I did what should have been done. If a player on my team crosses paths with Laxman Rekha, then I am not supporting him. It was not just a question of abuse. Was pushed

Big controversy over Ian Bell’s exhaustion

In July 2011, a great controversy erupted over Ian Bell’s run-out in the third test match between India and England in Nottingham. On day three of the Nottingham test, Ian Bell was frozen to the crease with Eoin Morgan. Morgan took a shot on the last ball before the start, and Ian Bell, who was hitting with him, thought it was a four. Ian Bell left his fold in a misunderstanding and started talking to Morgan, but before the dividing line Praveen Kumar grabbed him and threw him at Abhinav Mukund. Mukund dispersed the gullies, after which the third referee gave the exit to Ian Bell on the Indian team’s call and the audience started booing Team India, considering it to be the opposite of the spirit of the game. .

During the starting break, England captain Andrew Strauss and coach Andy Flower met Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and spoke about Ian Bell’s break-up case. After that, Dhoni (Dhoni) withdrew his appeal to escape Ian Bell due to sportsmanship. Ian Bell had a chance to strike again after the starting break. However, he fell victim to Yuvraj Singh by adding 22 runs and returned to the lodge for 159 runs. Ian Bell was out of the crease under ICC rules and was given a runout by the third referee. However, Ian Bell was confused about going to the Chowka and that is why he did not return to the fold. 9 years later, in 2020, due to Dhoni’s decision, he received the Decade’s Spirit of Cricket of the Decade award.

Zaheer Khan showed Peterson his bat

In the second test match played in Nottingham in July 2007, the squad became hotly contested between Indian fast pitcher Zaheer Khan and England cricketer Kevin Pietersen. After England were knocked out by 198 points in the opening innings, India were 266 points ahead of the hosts. After the fall of Laxman’s wicket, Zaheer Khan came to bat. As Zaheer Khan was knocking, he saw jelly beans (butterscotch) lying on the crease, which he immediately removed from there. However, after playing the next ball, he again saw a lot more gummies on the pitch. After that, Zaheer Khan got angry and asked Kevin Pietersen, who was lining up the briefs, not to do it, but instead of accepting his mistake, Pietersen confronted Zaheer Khan. In such a situation, Zaheer also angrily showed the bat to Peterson. Seeing the heat build between the two, the referees tried to calm the situation down. After the match England captain Michael Vaughan apologized for the jelly bean controversy.

Nasir was surrounded by plans to fire Sachin

When the England team toured India in 2001, in the third and final test match of the series in Bangalore, Britain captain Nasser Hussain was very active in defeating India and sacking Sachin Tendulkar. Nasir Hussain realized that if Sachin Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) was fired, India could be defeated. As part of the plan, Nasser Hussain got left arm spinner Ashley Giles to beat him and Sachin Tendulkar (Sachin Tendulkar) to play just outside the leg stump. This frustrated Sachin as he was unable to score his points and was perplexed trying to play the shot backwards. England’s plan to play away leg stubs has been criticized by many in the cricket world.