india vs england chennai test match india team virat kohli joe root | Ind vs Eng: Team India has a chance to make history, know how many chances of Virat Brigade victory in Chennai field

Chennai: The first test match of the four-game series released in Chennai (chennai) between India and England (India vs England) has reached an interesting twist. England’s India (India) has a goal of 420 races to win. To beat England, India will need to score 381 points in the fourth set, but it’s not that easy.

Dust gushes from the ground in Chennai (chennai). Such an objective has never been achieved in this field. A full 15 wickets fell on the fourth day, it was not going to be easy for India to save 9 wickets on the fifth day. However, if India reaches the goal of 420 races in Chennai (chennai), then it will be the biggest chase in the history of trial cricket. In this way, India will become the biggest target hunter team in the cricket test, destroying the West Indies’ 17-year record.

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In the fourth round of test cricket, more than 418 chases have not been made to date. The West Indies did it against Australia in 2003 in St. John’s. Speaking of India, he set a pursuit record of 406 races against the West Indies at the Port of Spain in 1976. If we look at India’s record in Chennai, it is in his favor.

In 2008, India reached the goal of 387 races against England in Chennai. In this game, veteran Sachin Tendulkar had scored a century and the Indian team managed to win this game by 6 wickets, but so far India has lost a wicket by 39 points in the second innings. Rohit Sharma was played by English spinner Jack Leach. Rohit Sharma is back at the clubhouse after scoring 12 points. India has batsmen like Virat Kohli, Cheteshwar Pujara and Rishabh Pant who have the power to win the game against the Indian team.

England needed 9 wickets for India in 90 overs to win. On the final day, India must complete 381 more races to win the match. Other than that, India will have a great raffle option. In this game, it will be very difficult to score 381 points in 90 overs on broken ground, so it will be good for India if the game also draws.