India vs England 1st test match: Joe Root Ben hits Ravichandran pants Ashwin Rishabh | IND vs ENG: The match slips, not the ball with the hand! India team loses 2-2 catches

New Delhi: In the first test match between the Indian team and England, the visiting team beats brilliantly. England captain Joe Root has torn the Indian bowler apart. Ben Strokes supports him on the second day.

Amazing root and stokes

On day one, England captain Joe Root took over the team and reached a strong position. Ben Stokes supported Root on the second day. The two easily reached the team’s score until lunch on Day 2 of the game at 355 points. There is a good end between Root and the score, which can create a big challenge for Team India. But the credit goes only to the Indian players.

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The 3 big mistakes of the Indian team:

Caught Stokes

On the second day, Ashwin was bowling in 109th place of the game and Ben Strokes was on strike. On the third ball from above, Ashwin trapped Banting in the net of his pirouette and he took the shot forward. The ball went straight to Ashwin and he had a golden opportunity of bold cotton but he couldn’t catch the catch. At that time, Stokes was playing for 31 points.

Pujara left taking score

When Ravichandran Ashwin dropped the capture of Ben Strokes, the Indian team had another chance in the following all. Nadeem was the newbie at bowling and Ben Stokes up front. Nadeem played a good ball and dodged Stokes and the ball sat in the air. The ball went to Pujara but he failed to catch.

Bad pants outfit

Rishabh Pant hit Australia brilliantly and played a key role in the team’s victory, although even after that he was trolled due to his outfit. It happened once more. Pant, who was hitting brilliantly against England, missed the opportunity to run against Joe Root, costing Team India dearly.