IND vs ENG: Young Child Breaches Security During Chennai Test, Enter Ground After Jumping From Railings | IND vs ENG: Frantic fans in Chennai, child in safety by dodging safety

New Delhi: During the second test in Chennai between India and England (IND vs ENG), the BCCI allowed 50% of spectators to play under the Corona virus protocol. However, on the third day of the match, one child among those spectators once frightened everyone.

Child hit in the ground

In fact, during lunch on the third day of the second Test played between India and England (IND vs ENG), a small child jumped off the railing and jumped into the ground. However, this child did not come into contact with any player and he returned to the stands like English players. If this child had come in contact with an English player, then this series would have run into problems.

50% authorized audience

Previously, the BCCI allowed 50% of the public to participate in the second test in Chennai after the first test. However, when buying tickets before the game, the crowd of spectators felt that it would be a bit difficult to keep the security inside the field. By buying tickets off the pitch, people lost social distance.

India in a strong position

In the second Test against England, India achieved a strong position. After scoring 329 points in the opening innings, India had limited England to 134 points. India got a big 195-point lead in the opening heats. Also in the second set, India increased their lead to over 450. In such a situation it will be very difficult for England to come back here.