IND vs ENG: Virat Kohli not worried about WTC table, says India will focus on good cricket in coming days | India at risk of being excluded from world test championship, says Virat Kohli

New Delhi: Team India suffered a crushing defeat to England by 227 points in the first test match played in Chennai. With the loss, India not only fell from 0 to 1 in the series, but also slipped to fourth place in the World Test Championship (WTC) standings. However, team captain Virat Kohli says he doesn’t care about the WTC table and is only focused on performing well in the matches ahead.

“ If someone suddenly changes the rule, it’s not in your hands ”

The ICC changed the WTC points system last year due to the Corona virus, in which the ranking of teams depends on the percentage points they earn in the series. Virat Kohli says if someone suddenly changes the rules, then this thing is not in your hands. Virat said in a virtual press conference: “ We will look at the upcoming games the same way we have seen it so far. Nothing has changed for us. If the rules suddenly change during lockdown, it’s not in your hands. The only thing that is in your control is what you do in the field.

WTC table don’t worry

Virat Kohli said he has no worries on the WTC table and is only focusing on good cricket in the times to come. He said: “ You shouldn’t worry about the standings or things on the outside. You can debate these things for hours. Instead of thinking about who is at the top of the table, we should be focusing on our team playing good cricket on the pitch.

India slipped to fourth position

India has now slipped to fourth place in the World Test Championship (WTC) standings. India were in the lead before the series started against England, but after losing by 227 points in the first test, India is now in fourth place. India now has 68.3% and 430 points. While England reached the top with 70.2% and 442 points. New Zealand and Australia are in second and third place respectively.