IND vs ENG: Funny slapping video of Rohit Sharma with Rishabh Panth, Sehwag posted video on Instagram, Chennai test | IND vs ENG: Rohit was enjoying the pants in front of everyone on the pitch, Sehwag posted the video

New Delhi: On the second day of the second test match between India and England, India took a big 249 point lead over England thanks to its batsmen and bowlers. But strange things were also seen on the ground the other day. At one point in season two, Team India was partying after taking wickets, and then Rohit Sharma slapped Rishabh Pant’s head in a joke. A video of this incident was shared by former drummer Virender Sehwag on his social media.

Video goes viral fiercely

Video of Rohit Sharma (Rohit Sharma) banging Rishabh Pant’s head is fiercely shared on social media. In fact, this video was shared by Virender Sehwag on his Instagram account. This video of Veeru elicits incredible reactions. After getting the wicket in the video, Pant walks up to Rohit Sharma, then Rohit slaps Rishabh in the face. As soon as Rohit jokingly kills them, the other players laugh too. Sehwag wrote in the caption of this video: “Haha Pant, Rohit and Tapli”.

Britons trapped in Ashwin’s clutches

In response to India’s 329 points on Matchday 2, England went all out scoring 134 points. In England’s first rounds, legendary Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin won the 29th 5-wicket room of his career. Due to Ashwin’s superb bowling, India had a 195-point lead over England in the opening innings.

Hitman had scored a century in the first innings

In the opening innings of this match, Indian premier batsman Rohit Sharma marked his 7th century. Rohit played a brilliant round of 161 points on 231 balls, thanks to which India reached the score of 329 points. Aside from Rohit, vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane (Ajinkya Rahane) played 67 and Rishabh Pant (58) scored innings.