IND vs ENG: Former hitter Sunil Gavaskar says Joe Root is not the best batsman in the world right now | Sunil Gavaskar targets Joe Root’s stick, doesn’t say better than these players

New Delhi: In the first test match between India and England (IND vs ENG) in Chennai, England recorded a superb victory by 227 points. This game was very special for England captain Joe Root as he hit a magnificent double century in this game. After this match, many heavyweights in cricket started to regard Root as the best batsman in the world. However, legendary Indian drummer Sunil Gavaskar disagrees with this.

Root not the best drummer

Sunil Gavaskar thinks that Root (Joe Root) is not the best drummer in the world and that there are a lot of drummers in the world who are better than Root. Gavaskar (Sunil Gavaskar), while speaking to Star Sports, said: “He’s very good, but I don’t think he’s the best batsman in the world. There are four players for this and they are also included in the list of those four. But I think his level is a bit lower than the rest of the three.

Praise for the Chennai test

Gavaskar (Sunil Gavaskar) congratulated Joe Root on his performance in the Chennai test. He said: ‘The best thing about Joe Root’s double century was that he was a confidant from the start and looked very positive. They were ready for all types of balls and made good shots making room.

The road is in splendid shape in 2021

So far, 2021 has been a very special year for Joe Root. So far, Root has struck in four innings this year, in which he has scored 2 double centuries and a magnificent century. In the last test against India, Root played 258 and 40-point innings.