IND vs ENG: Ajinkya Rahane on the test harbor office, will not give you masala on the harbor office issue, check my scores in the last 15 tests | Ajinkya Rahne gave the smart answer, ‘No spice will give’ on Team India’s test captain question

Chennai: In the first test match of the series played between India and England (IND vs ENG), Ajinkya Rahne returned to the flag in the first sets and zero in the second sets.

India’s vice-captain Ajinkya Rahne has asked critics to check their past 15 matches in response to questions about his batting form.

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Ajinkya Rahane failed to play a big set after scoring a century in the second test match played in Melbourne on the Australian tour, and captain Virat Kohli also defended Rahane after losing the first test match against the England by 227 points.

Rahane said in the online press conference on the eve of the second Test of the 4-game series against England: “We are playing the Home Test after almost 2 years. If you look at the score from the last series at home then maybe some (big score) can be found there.

Ajinkya Rahne played 59 and 115 points in a test match of this series against South Africa in 2019. For which he was highly regarded in the cricket lane.

He said: “It’s about the performance of the team rather than a personal performance and I focus on how I can contribute to the team. If you look at the stats for the last 10-15 tests, you might see a few runs.

The vice-captain, who has scored nearly 1,000 points in the last 15 tests, said: “I don’t care what happens in the outside world.” Rahane looked like a willing player in this press conference, which intelligently answered all questions.

When reporters asked Indian test team vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane (Ajinkya Rahne) if the body language of players in the first test didn’t look positive, was it because of the change of captain.

He said: “ It happens when your energy in the game drops slightly, but that doesn’t mean it’s due to a change of captain. I said earlier that Virat is and will be our captain.

He said: “ If you try to extract spices unfortunately you won’t get that. There are many reasons why body language is negative, it can happen due to the initial 2 day gate on the first test. There can be many more reasons’

Asked about the stick change in India after Cheteshwar Pujara’s very slow stick in Australia, Rahane said: “No one is questioning his stick in the team. It doesn’t matter what people say outside.

He said: “The way he played in Australia and here is very important to us. He has played around 80 test matches and he knows his game well, his ability cannot be questioned.

He also defended Rohit Sharma, saying: “ Rohit is an important member of our team and he is not capable of scoring 100-150 points, but in Australia he struck well and made the necessary sacrifice. 2 innings don’t make anyone a bad player.