ENG vs IND: Gautam Gambhir praises Virat Kohli, said India still performed well under Kohli in tests |

New Delhi: Former Indian team batsman and current MP for Lok Sabha Gautam Gambhir praised team captain Virat Kohli. Gambhir said he hopes that under Kohli’s leadership, the Indian squad will progress strongly and reach new milestones as well.

‘Team India plays brilliantly under Kohli’

Gambhir (Gautam Gambhir) said that under the leadership of Virat Kohli, Team India is showing a great game. Gambhir said in Star Sports’ game plan, “Team India under Kohli’s leadership has shown excellent test cricket play. Team India has never been dependent on one or two players and Kohli himself says so. Kohli is coming back fresh in the English series and the team will benefit.

‘Never questioned the Kohli Test harbor office’

Gambhir (Gautam Gambhir) said: “I have never interviewed the captaincy of Virat Kohli in Test or ODI cricket. I have always questioned the Kohli T20 harbor master’s office. Team India, under Kohli’s leadership, showed excellent test cricket play. Be aware that India has won over 70% of its matches under the captaincy of Virat Kohli, but even then people often keep criticizing his captain.

The infighting will begin against England from February 5

The England vs. India tour kicks off on February 5. The England team will play a total of 4 tests, 5 T20s and 3 ODIs against India on this tour. The last time the England team came on an Indian tour in 2016, India beat them 4–0. In 5 games of this series, Virat Kohli scored 655 points for an average of 110.