Did Rishabh Pant beat Jack Leach as Nathan Lyon? See how fans liked it. News in Hindi

New Delhi: India and England (IND vs ENG) saw Rishabh Pant burn, the third of the first Test. Although he missed a century, but by scoring 91 points, he captured the hearts of Indian cricket fans.

Smash the leech balls

Rishabh Pant hit 9 fours and 5 sixes in this inning. Pant had a good touch of Jack Leach’s balls, seeing what Indian cricket fans remembered Australian spinner Nathan Lyon. There has been a series of misdeeds on his Twitter

Glimpse of the lion in the leech

The resemblance between English bowler Jack Leach and Australian bowler Nathan Lyon is very similar. In such a situation, many Twitter users said Rishabh Pant beat Leach to understand Lion. Let’s see some funny tweets that will make you laugh.

J Leach should wear a pants wig Rishabh thinks he’s lyon pic.twitter.com/GPzomxuOqB

– Ravneet (@ravneetmansa) February 7, 2021

Rishabh thinking Leach is Lyon. pic.twitter.com/N7aRjribmS

– Paidhi ivastava (@BeingKohlicious) February 7, 2021

Nathon Lyon in Leach #INDvENG pic.twitter.com/qdUrXk4t6D

– Mohd Shahrukh Saifi (@Demonsaifi) February 7, 2021

Rishabh pants to be washed and in Lyon: pic.twitter.com/IckhoQsguI

– Raviteja Patel (@ Ravispeaks39) February 7, 2021

The pants see Lyon in leaching # INDvsENG pic.twitter.com/AbY85jmEUF

– PAVAN (@ Paone_2014) February 7, 2021

Jack Leach and Nathan Lyon after rishabh pants bowling: #IndvsEng #RishabhPant pic.twitter.com/ZnNVIyhUw7

– Rohit (@ SomewhereNowhe8) February 7, 2021

Rishabh Pants vs. Bald Spinners:

Races – 398
Balls – 405
Strike rate – 98.27
Average – 56.85
Six – 13
Layoffs – 7 # INDvENG #ChennaiTest pic.twitter.com/D209TYLnWk

– Raghava Reddy (@ IamTargaryen_10) February 7, 2021

@ RishabhPant17 does great violence against all the bald headed bowlers. First Nathan Lyon in Australia and now leaching from England.
Rishabh pants speak and say your intentions. # Justice_for_bald_headed_bowlers
#INDvsENG pic.twitter.com/Qap6BqLqEa

– ImDDanger (@JaiswalVarrnit) February 7, 2021

Lyon appreciating the pants taking Leach apart. #IndvsEng pic.twitter.com/PbtpI1X8Q8

– Don BadMan (@ DONBADMAN99) February 7, 2021

Leach recalls the Lyon pants pic.twitter.com/1xHNjsbcVi

– Sidharth Sabat (@virtuous_virus) February 7, 2021

Pant doesn’t care what currency bowling. Lyon or Leach doesn’t matter. SMASHHHHH mode. pic.twitter.com/ugwsgmvyqt

– Tracer Bullet (@ravimaestri) February 7, 2021