David Warner posts funny video on instagram from the movie Home Alone | David Warner played the role of a thief, gave this gift to fans before Christmas, see Viral Video

New Delhi: Australian star cricketer David Warner was not in the game XI in the first test played between India and Australia. Due to injury, Warner was unable to show his bat-like power in some matches. However, without him Australia beat the Indian team by 8 wickets. Fans are now hoping that Warner will return to the field soon.

David Warner may not be able to show off some action on the pitch, but he’s spreading a lot on his social media account. Yes, Warner has been posting videos for the past few days putting his face instead of the actor’s in the film.

This time, that opener chose the Hollywood movie Home Alone. In this film, a child is left alone in his house and thieves enter the house. In such a situation, this lonely child forces the two thieves to kneel. Warner posted a video of the thieves acting in this film. He wrote, “I think a lot of people won’t understand this, but it’s Christmas time.”

Let us know that David Warner has arrived in Melbourne. The second test match between India and Australia will be played at Melbourne Cricket Ground from December 26. Fans are hoping David Warner will be part of the squad during the Boxing Day Test.