Cricket Australia ICC Mohammed Siraj abusive language comments racial Indian players IND VS AUS | Those who abused Mohammed Siraj were not punished, Cricket Australia submitted report to ICC

Sydney: Cricket Australia told the ICC they were unable to recognize viewers who made racist comments about Indian players during the Sydney test and that the six who were taken off the pitch were the real culprits.

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Six Cricket Australia investigators gave a clear note to the six spectators who were kicked off the ground for making racial remarks about Mohammed Siraj during the Sydney test, according to “The Age” report.

CA submitted a report to the ICC

Cricket Australia sent the investigation report to the ICC. The ICC gave him 14 days to report.

The newspaper said: ‘CA is awaiting the final report from the NSW Police. It is quite sure that the six spectators who were taken off the pitch on day four of the Sydney Test did not make racial remarks about the players.

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He said: “The report said they believed racist comments had been made about the players, but Cricket Australia investigators could not find the culprits.”

On the fourth day of the third test, Siraj complained about the racial comments from the audience, after which the game had to be stopped for a while. The police had expelled six spectators. The BCCI had lodged a complaint against this incident.

The newspaper said that Cricket Australia interviewed many Indian players and also gathered public testimony. He said: “Now sources say the Indians threatened on the grounds that they would not resume gambling until the complaint was dealt with.”